A day of adventure that will be remembered for years to come

For families since an entertaining and satisfying involvement, canopy expeditions in Tsitsikamma Forest offer a thrilling day out in the beautiful Garden Route area, for a day of adventure that will be remembered for years to come. Situated in the Cape, Tsitsikamma Forest is a spectacular protected forest that is home to an abundance of bird-, animal- and plant life. Tours in this forestry and beyond are the perfect way to absorb additional about the surroundings within the timberland and surrounds, as well as enjoy a host of fun activities and attractions within the area.


The top 10 reasons to try a Tsitsikamma Forest tour include the following adventure places in India:

  1. Fun for the whole family – kids of all ages, from school going children to teenagers will all enjoy a canopy tour, as will parents. This outing is truly an experience that even the hardest to please will thoroughly enjoy!
  2. Spot a host of bird species – a wide range of endemic and migratory species can be found in the forest and surrounds, including the elusive Knysna Loerie.
  3. Plenty of animals and insects to see – look out for large numbers of curious vervet monkeys, porcupines, hundreds of butterflies and many other creatures.
  4. Zip through the forest by cable – this is one of the most exciting experiences possible, allowing you to harness up and zip across the forest from high up in the tree tops.
  5. Monkey Land and Birds of Eden – these unique and stunning reserves are home to a host of primates and birds, with natural enclosures that give you an idea of their habitats in the wild.
  6. Tsitsikamma Nature Reserve – over 80km of forest and marine reserve, with suspension bridge, river, indigenous forest and a range of plant, animal and bird life for this place have best holiday packages through rockstays.
  7. Nature’s Valley – this truly magnificent region is home to one of the largest and oldest Yellow wood trees in the country, which is 800 years old.
  8. Hiking and tough – reconnoiter certain of the wonderful usual environments as you tread over the forest and surroundings.
  9. Plenty of photographic opportunities – from gigantic trees to natural landscapes, birds, plants and curious monkeys, plenty of photo opportunities abound.
  10. Learn together as a family – canopy tours in Tsitsikamma Forest offer a great way to learn together as a family, with a focus on education and fun. Consider the Tsitsikamma Forest for the ultimate Cape Town tour.

The Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour is the first of its kind in Africa and takes around 3 hours to complete. The state of the art equipment use to monkey around in the tree tops has been rated as the most sophisticated of its kind and the construction of this unique project led to the creation of a significant amount of jobs. A host of canopy tours around the world are now available holiday packages shimla india also.

The adventure starts with a kitting-up session where you will be issued a full-body harness, pulleys and climbing equipment. Then, prepare to have the time of your life while enjoying this unique eco-wilderness adventure.


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